Monday, July 16, 2012

Undersea Adventure

Mum and Baby Brother returned home last week from their big trip to scuba dive in the Flores Sea in Eastern Indonesia.  They joined twelve other divers on the Komodo Dancer which is a live aboard boat

Mum and Baby Brother have a lot of dive experience (Baby Brother dives as his job) so they tend to come back with photos of some pretty obscure, tiny, weird looking things! My diving (which I gave up cause I'm a very tense diver) and snorkeling has been less extensive so I tend to be more "Look! Big pretty fish!".  They got a lot of very cool photos which I don't have room to share all of!

Rhinopies Fish

Fire Urchin

Blue Sea Star


Sea Anemones

Wobbegong Shark

Baby brother got some fabulous video too.  He's got a hilarious one where a ray is annoyed that his camera is there and sends a rock slide to bury it.  Amazing the things that happen below the surface!


Niki said...

These are gorgeous pictures!!!

Found you through the Monday Meet Up!

Heather said...

Hi, just recently found your blog. These are such beautiful pictures!