Saturday, July 21, 2012

Baby Elephant Walk

Who doesn't love elephants? Elephants are awesome.  Husband for some reason doesn't think baby elephants are cute but this is just one of many ways he is wrong.  Perhaps he didn't watch Dumbo enough as a child? I don't know.

As a little Saturday happy place I figured I would share with you one last set of photos from Mum and Baby Brothers trip to Indonesia.  They spent a day in Bali before they flew out and went into the mountains to the Elephant sanctuary in Taro.  The elephants were rescued from Sumatra where they are threatened by deforestation and agriculture (they damage crops so farmers kill them).  At the park the only time they are tied in anyway is at meal time to keep them from taking each other's food.

Feeding the little girls

The elephant with the flower crown drops it over people's heads!

If you took too long the elephant would just grab the food out of your hand.

Anyone else a little bit jealous?


Alyssa said...

SO CUTE!!! Baby Elephants are seriously so cute! I love this! (: Have a great weekend!
Found you through the vwb blog hop!

Rebecca Nalley said...

Just came over to visit from the life of a not so ordinary wife. LOVE your pictures of the elephants and of Indonesia! Great blog!