Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Nature of Things

When I first announced we were going to visit the Little Brothers in Grand Cayman there were two things I said I wanted to do: see the sea turtles and swim with the sting rays.  My friend, Beth, from high school was going to be on the island on Thursday and wanted to see the sea turtles too.

It was touch and go on the second one for awhile because the weather had been so bad the couple of days before we arrived.  The locations where you see the sting rays are on the north side of the island which had been closed due to the crazy waves.  It was still pretty choppy by the time we got out snorkeling on Friday. We went out with Baby Brother's company and snorkeled the barrier reef before seeing the sting rays.  Unfortunately the camera died just as we got to the sting rays.  However, Baby Brother (who was with us on his day off) helped me hold a 40 year old, 100 pound sting ray named Sally. It was awesome. She was so soft and loved attention.

In such a short trip we managed to have lots of first time experiences.  Certainly we'd never held sea turtles. I hadn't been snorkeling in years while Husband had never been snorkeling and neither of us had ever petted a sting ray.

Plus we had one more experience I hadn't thought of ahead of time that was definitely a first... we went for a submarine ride our last day. 

Happy Almost Friday Everyone. Managed to adjust to the time change yet??


PamelaW said...

Love the photos Leigh-Ellen! Looks like a fantastic time :)

Kristen @ Confessions of a GDS said...

looks like sooo much fun! that turtle's face is epic!