Friday, March 2, 2012

Birthday Boy

Today is Husband's birthday. He's less enthusiastic about his birthday than I am.  I mean he likes having a birthday and all that, he just doesn't celebrate birthday week and get quite so over the top about it as I do. This week has been particularly un-birthday-esque as he's been writing exams.  Today is his last exam and then we can properly spend the weekend celebrating his birthday and packing for our birthday trip South (and finding our office under all of the textbooks and papers).

Can't wait til he's done at 5pm.  We'll be headed to our favourite pizza place, Pomodori's, where you get a free pizza on your birthday!!

Happy Birthday Husband! Sadie, Spock, Trilly and I are glad you were born (Sadie and I more than the other two. Cats are fickle).

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Amanda I said...

Cats are fickle. New follower from Friendly Friday Bloghop