Friday, February 24, 2012

29 Steps

An update on this week's 29 Leaps activities. It's great keeping an eye on things on the facebook page and seeing what everyone was up to.  Here are a couple of things I thought to do this week.

We were able to give (at least) 29 cans and bottles to the girls' hockey team who came by collecting for their bottle drive on Saturday.

While at the movies with Mum on Saturday we realised we had coupons that gave us drinks and popcorn along with our tickets for free. We were both full and not in need of the popcorn so we gave it away to a woman who was there with 4 pre-teens buying snacks next to us. It felt great! 

I've often donated clothing to charity and yet every time I turn around I seem to have things that I never wear for various reasons.  In exploring my closet I realised I actually had a pile of things I planned to donate.  This was in part due to some clothing I'd shrunk out of (hurray) and hadn't parted with last summer due to it being out of season so not on my radar.  Bestie had given me a HUGE pile of wonderful things to go through and the ones that didn't fit or really work for me were still there. All in all I found 29 items to donate. Here are a couple of the pieces.

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