Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday Travels- Birthday Edition

Yesterday I wrote all about some of the lovely little (and not so little) things I've run into lately that I wouldn't mind showing up on my doorstep for my birthday.  However, I'm totally fine with the fact that most of those won't play a role in my birthday because I'm so excited about Husband and I's joint birthday present (his is a month from now)....

We're going to visit the Little Brothers in Grand Cayman for a couple of days in March!  Mum and Dad are going down for the week of March Break and we're joining them for the last three days.  I'm going to snorkel with the Stingrays! I'm going to visit the Turtle Farm! I'm going to see sun and warm weather and beach and outdoor pool! I'm going to get a novelty glass from the Hard Rock Cafe (a tradition of mine that I just realised I haven't shared here before) or a Hard Rock Bear.  I wonder if they have a Hard Rock Turtle or Stingray... hmmm.  Oh yeah, and I'm going to see the Little Brothers who will be annoyingly tanned and svelte from all their outdoor scuba diving work.

In honour of my birthday trip I thought we'd revisit some birthday trips of days gone by.... Do you have any favourite birthday memories?

There were swimming birthday parties obviously and birthday parties with lots of games but I decided for my 10th birthday I wanted a fancy dinner out at the Skylon Tower revolving restaurant in Niagara Falls. From a very young age I was obsessed with fancy restaurants... poor Husband. I wore frills for the occasion and Daddy got me a corsage.

With Daddy
There were a couple of birthdays that involved trips up to Toronto like the one where I got to take two friends to the Canadian National Figure Skating Championships.  That was pretty cool but no great photos.  What was a great photo op? Heading to Toronto for Medieval Times... they still have Medieval Times in Toronto, I really need to take Husband!

With Daddy and the Little Bros.
Now here's where you're all going to get super jealous.  I had not one but TWO birthday parties at a pig farm... 11 and 15.  I know I've lost you here but seriously, you got to go on a sleigh ride, play in the hay barn, have food and hold a piglet.  One of the little brothers has his birthday in May and at that time of year you could arrange to have a bonfire out on the trail and roast hotdogs and marshmallows before continuing on the hayride.

Now that is a group having fun. Also the early 90s had some BRIGHT coloured ski jackets.

Who wouldn't want a piglet birthday?
I spent a birthday in Austria but I guess that doesn't count as a trip since I lived there at the time. My 25th birthday I went to Halifax for a girls' night out. I have no photos that indicate I'm in Halifax but I really like this one of me so I'm sharing it!

By the next birthday I was living in England and went to London to see We Will Rock You and eat yummy Tapas with some of the girls (4 Canadians, an American and a German... had yet to meet many Brits I guess!).

Having your birthday in February in Canada means outdoor activies are fairly limited (hence sleigh rides) but in the UK it can be somewhat warmer so one year Husband (who was only Fiance at the time) arranged for a boat ride out to see the seals. I'd been wanting to do that for ages.

Some seal friends. Interesting fact... seal colonies smell horrible!
This year I'll be replacing seals with stingrays and boots for sandals... just not til March.