Monday, January 30, 2012

Favourite Things- Birthday Wishlist

In case you're looking for a birthday present or Valentine's present or just something to show your love and appreciation.... to me... here are some things I'm loving right now.  I'm trying to keep this list reasonable and personal or it would be rather filled with shoes. Think of this as an early Favourite Things (I usually do them on Friday) that doubles as a birthday wishlist.

**Warning: Having now written this post I should warn you it's pretty random and there were periods of time where I just got playing on Etsy.

Handmade Stationary- Thank You Cards.  I wish I were crafty, but I'm not. It makes me really love handmade things... made by other people.  I was a letter writer as a child and still love to get and send "real mail". I feel like you can never have too many Thank You cards on hand and I've fallen in love with these from Brown Paper Gifts (just look at that adorable header!) and these from Sweet Bella Cards.

**Oh and while we're on the subject of notecards these Book Shelf cards by Jane Mount are so great. I think I'd hoard them! I saw them on Jasmine Star's blog last week and am still thinking about them.

Cowl/Infinity Scarf- I'm seeing these everywhere.  I've seen a couple with wooden toggles and buttons.  I'm such a sucker for details like toggles and buttons.

**This isn't at all what I was originally looking for but how gorgeous is this recycled t-shirt scarf by Lacey Made? It's fabulous... a cowl for all months (cause Summer is coming).

While looking around for scarves I was reminded of my love for headbands that act as ear warmers. So much cuter than they used to be back in the early 90s. Someone local must make these? Love this one and this one by Three Bird Nest.

Oh and while I'm on headbands, how cute is this one in felt from Ordinary Mommy? I've had an eye on some of her things for ages. Pinwheel hair clips? So cute!

Vila Swedish Acupressure Mat- Saw this on Lainey Gossip and now I want to see it in real life. I have no idea if it works but I'm achy and I want to give it a try. I feel the Ocean Blue colour would be most relaxing for me... unless they come out with a purple.

TOMS Shoes- Have you heard of TOMS? They're everywhere right now because for every pair of shoes you buy they donate a pair to a child in need. Isn't that awesome? Talk about feel good shopping! How sweet are these?  They really look like ballet slipper.  I love the nautical feel of these for summer (which is coming some day).

Like most people, I struggle with "I want" and looking at pretty things on the internet can make me rather envious of those who can afford to shop.  I have to admit I found this really fun though.  Sharing fun, pretty things with you has made me happy even if I don't wind up with any of them.

**I have no affiliation with any of the vendors mentioned above.  Several of them I only discovered in the last hour which I spent playing on the internet.

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