Friday, December 9, 2011

Santa Run 2011

You ever have one of those days where you realise you're in the middle of something that you're going to refer to for years to come?  That was Santa Run 2011.  On the other hand it's also going to be one of those stories that only really makes sense if you were there? Yeah, that was Santa Run 2011 as well. 

All I can say is that Santa, yes the REAL Santa, was in Saint John on Sunday.  He needed a ride, because you can't fly reindeer around town in broad daylight.  I was sent to pick him up.  Ok, so actually I wasn't allowed into the party without him. Bestie and I got to the door of the Christmas Open House we were going to only to be greeted by a friend yelling "We need to get Santa! Santa is waiting!".

Next thing you know I'm driving into town and pulling into sketchy alleyways (cause you know Santa can't be wandering around in broad daylight... on Waterloo St). This was all seeming like an incredibly annoying task (cars, unlike sleighs require gas money).  Then a huge black boot with shiny buckle and jingle bells appeared on a top step. 

Bestie and I screamed like Justin Beiber fans.  Then I drove Santa to the party saving Christmas... or something like that.

I am an honorary reindeer. 

Santa promised us all good hair days for Christmas.

Even if we haven't been good. 

Santa Transport Team

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