Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What Trilly Did

I was speaking with Sandra Miller of Sandra Miller Florals for a blog post and giveaway that's happening next week (yay!) and it reminded me of one of the lovely arrangements I received from her shop.  This past summer one of my closet friends from high school was home for a visit and she brought me over this adorable arrangement in a milkshake glass.

See the big white flower?  Well so did Miss Trilly.  I don't know what it was about that flower but all of a sudden she had it.  She was happily lying on her back eating it like an otter with a shell but when I tried to take it away from her she did this.

When I tried to take it she covered it and growled.  It was interesting. When I backed off she went back to this.

Eventually she dropped it on the floor.  Jumped down on top of it and smooshed it into the floor with her head.

 Perhaps she was trying to create art??

It was completely bizarre as she'd never had any problem with flower arrangements I'd received before.  Strange little girl.  I have no idea what Spock would have done.  I guess we'll eventually find out!!

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Elizabeth said...

What a gorgeous flower arrangement - was Trilly jealous cos it was nearly as pretty as her?