Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Those Guys and That Kid

Last week my brother and I went to a basketball game. My parents have seasons tickets for the local basketball team that is in its second season. 

Anyway, when we sat down I honestly thought we were in for the longest night of our lives.  Sitting next to us was "that kid". He was probably 12 or 13 years old.  He was absolutely uncool. I'm fairly certain that he'd come with a friend and the friend's mother but somehow wound up migrating a row or two ahead of them.  "That kid" would stand up and dance in appropriately for no apparent reason.  "That kid" would yell "shake your pom poms" at the cheerleaders.  "That kid" would kick the chair of the person in front of him and randomly accost someone sitting near by and ask "Am I annoying you?".  "That kid" was a royal pain in the ass.

About 10 minutes after we arrived 4 guys who were in their early-20s sat down on the other side of "That kid".  These guys were cool.  These guys each had a beer.  I figured these guys were likely to injure "that kid"... cause I was certain I was going to.  These guys asked that kid a couple of questions.  In my head I thought "these guys are going to start making fun of that kid and he won't even know it".  I started feeling a little badly for "that kid". Then that kid hit the guy in front of him with something and I got over it.

At this point I was paying more attention to these guys and that kid than the game (it got really exciting at the end).  I started to realise that they weren't "taking the piss" (as Husband likes to say).  They were chatting with that kid about the game.  They realised he was eating snacks that he brought along with him and someone handed him a $5 and told him to go get an ice cream.  That ice cream kept him quiet for awhile.  I could have hugged those guys.  When he got a free poster at half time they talked to him about who he wanted to sign it and where to go after the game to meet the players.  To distract him from saying rude things to the cheerleaders one of the guys took out his phone and took him down to the courtside to get a photo with the girls. 

I have no idea if those guys had any idea what they were doing.  I highly doubt they know how grateful everyone sitting nearby was to them. All I know is, where I saw a rude nuisance, they saw a kid who was excited to be at a basketball game.

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Belly B said...

I have definitely met THAT KID in my life. Multiple times lol.

Belly B :)