Monday, November 7, 2011

Bonfire Night 2011

Bonfire Night 2011 once again brought together great people to eat lots of food and watch some pretty impressive fireworks.  Every year it's such an interesting mix of people including friends, family and coworkers. This year little Noah, was the youngest member of the crew. He and I bonded over the fact that we both had hats with ears.

 Little Noah decided that fireworks were best watched from behind glass.  Probably the smartest one there!

This year was the year of the effigy though. It was the first year of Canadian Bonfire Nights where people got properly into the burning stuff!

Our household had several effigies: Husband's George Bush, Sadie's hair dryer, Trilly's crow and Spock's medicine syringe. I have less anger issues than the rest of them, obviously.

I was pretty proud of that hair dryer.  The crow was also pretty impressive, it just didn't photograph well.

There were some political effigies during the evening as well.

No Bonfire Night at our house is complete without huge sparklers!

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two birds said...

i love this idea! what a fun night! i also love your cute!