Thursday, September 22, 2011

Polkadots and Pink

Sometimes I dress up for work just because I want to dress up.  I'm not really required to dress overly smartly for work.  Certainly puffy skirts with crinolines don't exactly shout "business appropriate".  Some days you just want pretty though, right?  Particularly when you spent Sunday sitting in a poorly lit flea market remembering that flea markets are sad and depressing (I mean basically you take all your lovely things- and some people had GORGEOUS things- and they sit on an old table looking pitiful and unloved).

Side note: did you notice I just used ( ) and -.  Sometimes I just flagrantly disregard the rules of both grammar and punctuation... yup.

Anyway,  this is what I wore to work on Monday to cheer myself up about the start of the week.  Then I wore it to the grocery store because everyone needs cheering up when they go to the grocery store.

Dress & Cardigan- Bravissimo Pepperberry
Belt-  From PGal's/Boutique Zekara
Shoes- Fugitive from Manchester Shoe Salaon
Necklace- Borrowed from the Bestie

In Fredericton on Saturday I borrowed a BUNCH of jewelery from the Bestie. She has a lot more costume jewelry than I do so I figure I'll cycle through her's over the next few months! Doubt she's going to let me get my hands on that spinner ring of hers though.  

Note to Bestie: Make sure you're wearing that ring next time we hang out so I can photo it for blog. Also that turquoise one.

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Full of Fabulous said...

Oh goodness! this outfit is gorgeous!!!!!
love love love it!