Monday, September 12, 2011

Market Weekend

We are very lucky how many options we have this time of year for local produce, local baked goods, local pretty things.  The Saint John market is an historic landmark open 6 days a week so we start to take it rather for granted.  On top of that we have access to the delightful Kingston Markets (there are two on the peninsula) open during the Summer and Autumn months.  Added bonus of the Kingston Market? You get to take a ferry.  Draw back to visiting the Kingston Market?  On gorgeous sunny Saturdays in September you have to wait to be able to actually get on the ferry.  This summer they also organized a market at the beautiful Queen's Square in Uptown Saint John (Saint John has an Uptown, not a Downtown... just because... also you must always spell out the Saint.  It's never St.  Go with it). 

We haven't had many opportunities to visit the market this summer because of Husband's work schedule.  This weekend, to celebrate his new unemployed status (he's starting his MBA in a couple of weeks!) we went to markets on both Saturday AND Sunday. So much yummy food consumed.  Plus apple cider season has arrived! I do so love Autumn.

View from the Ferry

Artisan Bread. Sooooo yummy.

Nothing better than local honey.

This guy was great. My in-laws would have approved.
Crowd at Queen's Square

Wet, sloped surface and yet he was still very good!

My friend's excellently behaved Old English Bulldog. Isn't she sweet?


Worth the short wait.

I was a little sad to see Summer come to an end because I never felt like I had properly entered a Summer mindset.  This weekend has reminded me that actually Autumn really is my favourite season. Look forward to some lovely busy weekends in September.

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Elizabeth said...

What a great set of pics - so glad you had sunshine and fun!