Monday, August 29, 2011

Waterlilly's Fosters- Domino Effect

Those of you who follow me on twitter or are friends on facebook are probably aware that we have a new little house guest.  At the end of the week I got a message from the SPCA Animal Rescue League saying they'd had multiple mothers with new kittens found and brought in.  Kittens stand a much better chance of survival if they are fostered as there are just too many things they could pick up at the shelter and they get better care in a home because the shelter just has so many animals to look after.  We headed in the next day to see about taking this mother and her day old kittens home.

Unfortunately we got there to find that the mother had an injury to her shoulder, likely from being attacked by another animal.  Poor little girl.  I won't lecture here because I know my readers aren't the ones to be putting their pets out on the street to wind up pregnant and injured and having kittens under a car but I would really like to get my hands on the person who did! Anyway, little girl needed to be seen by a vet and get on proper dosages to deal with infection so that she and her babies would be healthy. She is now being cared for by Kailie so I know she's in good hands.  Unfortunately one of the kittens died at the shelter before the family was relocated.

Instead we brought home a kitten who is actually of an age to be adopted but he's had a few health issues along the way.  He's rather small for 8 weeks and needs eye drops and antibiotics via syringe.  The folks at the shelter have been taking very good care of him but thought he was likely to do better with us where he'd have more space, more cuddles and someone to keep an eye on him.  Meet Domino

We are working at feeding him up cause right now there isn't a lot to him! 

I put him down on the counter for two seconds and he considered jumping off of it.  My heart almost stopped.  Little guy thinks he's bigger than he is!!

 He is definitely fearless.

Little Domino must be kept separate from our Trilly until he's through his course of antibiotics and we double check that he's totally fine.  He gets a full syringe of meds twice a day and I really don't know how there's room in one tiny kitten for all that liquid!  He is a little purrball who wants to be on you all the time, but that's because he's been by himself so much.  I can tell he's going to be a great explorer.  He's called Domino for now because he does have a white dot under his chin.  One of these days if I can get him still long enough I'll get a photo of that!!

Domino will be looking for a home of his own in no time.  If you'd like to come meet him or know anyone who would we're happy to arrange that! Send me an email (ldanddtwedding{at}  In the mean time my friends Kailie and Sarah both have little ones looking for homes right now as well!

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