Thursday, August 11, 2011

Flowers and Buttons

This outfit was probably my favourite of all the cute ones Erin wore for our photos.  I love the dress and the necklace is beautiful.  My complexion can't handle yellow (It could however handle being a red head. Darn you God/Mother Nature/Genetics/whoever is responsible for me having naturally mousy hair).  It's not one of my colours at all but I love the necklace on Erin and really really adore those buttons.

Dress- Express
Shoes- Like many of us Erin can't remember exactly where she got them but she brought them back from Germany
Necklace- Esquared Jewels


Melissa Wright said...

Love this dress and the pop of yellow from that gorgeous necklace is perfect!

Jodie inkster said...

That is such a gorgeous necklace! Wow! Outstanding outfit