Thursday, July 14, 2011

Uptown Photo Shoot with Sheldon Parsons

When Barb from put Sheldon Parsons and I in touch I told him that, having been married for nearly 3 years, we weren't looking for romantic engagement shoot style photos.  Actually our engagement photos weren't overly romantic either.  Awesome, but not romantic.  Anyway,  I said we were really looking for casual photos and that I was really interested in taking them around Uptown Saint John (for those of you not from the area Saint John doesn't have a Downtown.  We have an Uptown. Just accept it and don't ask why) since our engagement and wedding photos were all of our life in the UK.

The evening we'd set aside to shoot wound up being fairly cool and the clouds were rolling in but it didn't start to rain until we were finished.  Even then the rain was short lived which was nice for everyone.  We had such a good time that we basically dragged Sheldon around with us for double the amount of time we were supposed to.  Oops!! Obviously we really like you Sheldon and I appreciate that you craddle robbed worse than me!

I call this series Staring at Each other in Black and White

Note the Michael Kors shoes look just as good in B&W

I am totally giving him my "Behave" face. Thinking my butt just got grabbed

Ok, so this one is staring at each other in muted tones rather than B&W.
I really don't mind having my photo taken, particularly by someone with a very nice camera who knows how to use it.  I find it odd that people freak out about that. David's gotten increasingly comfortable in front of a camera.  However, he appreciated that amount of time we largely just stood around talking to each other.
The following is a set that I'm thinking I need to put up together somewhere.

We spent a decent amount of time totally goofing around and then cracking up at our own hilarity.  Yeah, we're hilarious.
Standing against the wall was Sheldon's idea.  The rest of it was all Husband's idea.

Carrie, look away.  We were NOT on a roof here.
I so LOVE that building in the back ground.

Sometimes we actually just stood and looked at the camera.

Yeah, we just hang out in parking lots with good light all the time.

This gave us the great idea of eating supper at Mexi's when we finished.

If Carrie asks we were NOT on a roof here.
We got loads of great photos but the next two are my favourites.  I can't pick one favourite and they're rather different from each other so I love them for very different reasons.

Jacket- Buffalo
Top- Ricki's
Pants- Reitmans (should have rolled them down in a few cause they have fabulous zippers)
Shoes- Micheal Kors from Urban Shoe Myth
Headband- Band Geek
Necklace/Earrings- Jenny Fish
Make Up- Persona Bella

Thanks again Barb for running the interview with Sheldon Parsons that started it all!!


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These pictures & post are all kinds of fabulous Lily!!
You two look like a lot of fun!!

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Beautiful pictures !

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Awesome. These are all kinds of fabulous. You and David look great. There are so many favourites to choose from! :)

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love the pics!