Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Improved by Pets

For awhile now I've been saying I would get around to doing an "out takes" post showing the variety of "improvements" the pets have provided to outfit of the day photos along the way.  Sadie really does think the camera is brought out purely to point at her and Trilly just needs to be along to oversee things at all times.  This is one of those cases where photos are rather better than words so here we go.

Sadie interested in what the neighbours were up to.

Can you spot the Trilly ears in the bottom left corner?

I have them trained to stare at me adoringly. It's nice.

This outfit shoot never made it online because they were just rediculous.

They just cut me out of the photos entirely!
Just a note to say that I didn't bother to edit most of these photos as much as I might have otherwise so apologies for some of the lighting issues!!

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