Monday, July 11, 2011

A Day at the Beach

I am super excited about today's post both because of how much I love what these ladies make and because it involves a competition and a prize!! You know I love winning prizes so it's very exciting to be able to give one away.  Hold on there! I see you scrolling to the bottom to see about entering before you read my post! Tut-tut. 
The Ladies of A Day at the Beach
Amanda and Parri are the lovely ladies behind A Day at the Beach.  They live in Truro, Nova Scotia where they attend the same church and work at the same school where Parri is a teacher and Amanda is the secretary.  Since they have summer's free, they spend a large portion of their summer at the beach (rough life) searching for treasures along with Amanda's two boys.  The my favourite colours are the blues, greens and reds.  It's seems those reds are fairly rare as are the yellow and gray. Then they turn those treasures into lovely pieces such as these.



Pendant- The more I look at it the more I think I need it!




It's a small world but in Maritime Canada it's a tiny world.  You don't need 6 degrees of separation!  Amanda is my cousins' cousin... making her my second cousin I believe.  Her husband's mother babysat me from the time I was 6 months old until I was 2 years old when we moved to Ontario.  Bruce and Amanda were my youth group leaders back in high school and I remember their boys being born. I've basically known them my whole life.  Crazy right?

I've also bought several of their pieces to send to family across the pond in the UK so they have a little piece of our side of the Atlantic with them! I'm particularly in love with their wine glass markers (they can also be used as tea cup markers and I believe my cousin out in BC uses them as napkin rings!).


Bride and Groom glass markers.  Too cute!!

So the exciting bit you've all been waiting for!  The ladies of A Day at the Beach are offering one lucky reader a $10 gift certificate to put towards any of their lovely, hand-made (well except for the wave-made parts) Day at the Beach item.

To win visit their website or facebook page then come back here and tell me which is your favourite piece (pendants? rings? glass marker?). 

There have been some difficulties with leaving comments lately so if you're unable to do so send me an email ldanddtwedding[at]googlemail[dot]com with A Day at the Beach as the subject line. For a second entry tweet the giveaway.  Remember to send me another message telling me you've done so.  Contest will close at midnight (ADT) on Friday July 15th. The winner will be chosen at random (promise it won't be me!).

Good luck. 


Melly's Smelly Soaps said...

My Favorite is #Y....A beautiful set!! Turquoise pendant and matching ring!!

It is my favorite because I absolutely love Turquoise, plus they match so well together!!

I love all the love and hard work that shows in each individual piece!


Kim said...

I love them all!! But I think my favorite is pendant #8 :) Everything is so beautiful and completely original!

Nancy said...

#J for me, it is not an easy pick so this is one of my favorites:)

Kaitlyn said...

I'm really liking #54, the snazzy starfish earings :) One of my MANY favourites...

Lisa M.M. said...

Wow....there are several pieces I love, to pick just one is not an easy task. I am partial to blues, pinks and turquoise so you just imagine how fascinated I was with the talent these local ladies have expressed.
Since you are asking us to narrow it down to just one piece I would have say #RR is my favorite with #Z26 coming in very very close.
Beautiful pieces and I wish these ladies very much success, I will be contacting them to obtain a piece or two or three, ;)

Amanda Meredith said...

my favorite is the blue tile ring from mexico mexico