Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Setting the Record Straight

A week ago in my Father's Day Post I put up this photo which led to Husband making the comment that it was the peak of my soccer (I think he was even all Canadian and said soccer rather than football) career. 

My father took offense to that statement and went digging through their old family photo albums to turn up proof of my continued soccer excellence.  This is in fact the heigh of my soccer career:

I'm the one on the left (your left). It was the summer that I was seven.  I played defence and spent most of the summer teaching the goalie to do kart wheels. But I looked very good in blue!  The girl with me is my friend Lisa (it was not the peak of her soccer career).  We grew up together but lost touch when we were teenagers.  When we reconnected on facebook we realised how formative those early years are; we had the exact same colour bridesmaids dresses!  Alfred Angelo Eggplant (that's Aubergine to the Brits).

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