Thursday, February 7, 2013

Cutest Cupid

I've never been huge on Valentine's Day. I think it's largely due to how close Valentine's Day is to my birthday.  Red hearts tend to have taken over the stores by February 3rd.  Plus it always just seemed like it was designed to make everyone feel lonely and depressed.  I'm starting to see how it could be nice to have a reason to be romantic because, seriously, spontaneity really doesn't happen much these days. It's not that Husband doesn't do nice things for me. It's just that life is busy and, I don't know about where you live, but it's cold and dark here in Winter.

Anyway, all of that was as poor lead in to the fact that our local animal shelter is doing the cutest thing as a fundraiser for Valentine's Day designed to make people feel loved and whatever the opposite of depressed is.  It's called Cupid for a Cause and the way it works is that you order a "cat" or "dog" themed gift basket for someone and on Valentine's Day it is delivered to them by this year's adorable cupid, Murphy the Wonderdog (with a human helper).

Isn't that too cute? Check them out on facebook.

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