Saturday, January 5, 2013

Pulling Their Weight

Unless you're brand new around here you're probably aware that we have three cats... and the world's smallest golden retriever.  That's a lot of fluffballs under foot every where you go.  That's a lot of demands for food.  That's a lot of begging.  It's also a lot of cuteness.

However, it basically means we have four entities in the house completely failing to pull their weight around here. Yesterday I had to deal with a spider.  Three cats sat there; they had it completely surrounded.  The thing was all three were so busy yelling to demand treats that they'd failed to notice they'd successfully caught a spider at all.

This morning I saw a little mouse making its way across the snow near our shed.  I was incredibly thankful it wasn't inside the house.  It would probably wind up cuddled up next to the dog on her bed without any of our pampered fluffballs noticing.  My street-cats have gone completely soft.

Taken this Autumn not long after Dobby joined us.

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