Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tiny's Ties

If you're new to the blog you may not have heard of my fascination with a cat named Tiny. Last Winter folks at the Fredericton SPCA found a box on their doorstep in the morning. They thought it contained office supplies until it started meowing.  Inside the box they found two cats, one was Tiny who weighed over 30 pounds at the time. 

Tiny now lives with a foster Mom and foster cat and at his last Tuesday weigh in was under 18 pounds.  Tiny is always sporting snazzy ties for his weigh ins and public appearances and now sells Tiny's Ties to raise funds for his friends in the shelter. I got our boys Christmas Ties both because they'd look adorable and because we like to support those kitties who haven't been lucky enough to find homes yet.

Aren't they handsome? Spock is pretty easy going so after staring at it for awhile he posed for photos for me... then proceeded to chew on it a bit.

Dobby had a bit of a fit when he first got his tie on.  He kept trying to back out of it.  Was absolutely hilarious... poor boy.  After distraction with some treats he kind of forgot it was there and let me get some photos.

That nose is still on the mend. He took awhile to learn the lessons Trilly was teaching him
Tinys Ties can be shipped all over the place if you think your feline friend would look as adorable as ours. 

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