Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Seeing Santa

So taking Sadie to see Santa didn't go so smoothly.  Santa was at the local pet store posing for photos as a fundraiser for our local shelter (who helped take care of all three of our kitties and so has a special place in our hearts).  Sadie donned her red velvet jacket and off we went to see Santa.

She was a bit excited when we got to the store and she started meeting other dogs and children and such but she settled down and listened better than I expected.  She was on high alert but loved the attention and we were all ready to go meet Santa.

I put her up on the bench next to Santa and went to stand behind the photographer as instructed and in 15 seconds she had flown up into the air totally freaked out and hidden behind us.  We gave her a minute to patter paw around the room and say hello to the photographer and the woman at the computer and she loved that.  I called her up to sit next to me on the bench and she loved that.  Santa sat next to her on the other side and she climbed over me as fast as possible.  Sigh.

At home she poses for the camera for me all the time but she would not look at the camera and huddled as close to me as possible.  The thing is.  In the photo we're so distracted dealing with Sadie and trying to set a good example that it looks like we're the problem.

This is the funniest thing ever.

The photographer calls this our Griswald Family Christmas photo.  Problem is the "best" one isn't exactly award winning either!


Deborah Owen said...

Love it!!!

glenys said...

sadie looks a little disturbed ! but it is quite funny ! lol

Rachel said...

haha!! I'd never heard of pets getting pictures taken with Santa, but I was at the mall last night and people were lined up with their pets! They had a really nice Santa too--like the kind who looks real--elderly, with a white beard and all. It was fun to watch the owners and pets :P