Saturday, December 1, 2012

Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

I think Dobby and Sadie will eventually be good buddies.  They won't ever be as close as Sadie and Spock but once Sadie stops being kind of freaked out by how close Dobby keeps getting to her I think they'll enjoy having more in common than anyone else in the house. 

Dobby love dog food.  I believe I've told the story of his all you can eat dog buffet system that I finally caught on to two weeks ago.  Well he loves to clean up any little bits of dog treat or chew that fall when Sadie's eating.  Sadie's not totally sure on that yet.

Right after I put the camera down and got on with making supper Dobby moved from licking the bed to licking Sadie's paws.  I so wish I had a photo.  I looked over and she was staring at me with "What the hell is he doing????" eyes.  I laughed so hard at her before moving him into a cardboard box as a distraction.

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Nikkiana said...

Awww! They're so cute!