Monday, November 19, 2012

Mystery Solved

I've been trying to figure something out for about two weeks now.  When we got Mr Dobby he was a fairly solid kitty.  He's certainly more muscular than Spock and has a broader frame.  The thing is that he's been getting rounder.  He's most definitely getting rounder. 

Only he regularly wanders away from his food bowl leaving the food in it for Trilly to steal.  He and Trilly are both on indoor cat food and at this point she's consistently eating more than he is.  He gets a tiny bit of wet food at bed time compared to the others because it upsets his stomach if he has much. 

I was actually voicing crazy concerns to Husband that maybe he had a tumor or something because why was he getting rounder and heavier when he ate less than anyone else in the house.  I was ready to call the vet tomorrow to explain I was worried that my cat was too plump and healthy. 

Then I was folding laundry yesterday evening when I heard the distinctive noise of some one eating from around the corner.  Only I hadn't given them any food.  I peek around the corner and there is Dobby with his front paws and head inside the plastic bin we use to hold Sadie's food, the lid resting on his back and his legs, butt and tail waving in the breeze.  Dob-Dobs has been helping himself to an all you can eat buffet of dog food whenever he wants because he figured out how to open the container when the others had never done so. 

On discussing it Husband and I had both thought we were going through dog food too quickly lately.  We're fairly certain that Dobby has been eating as much dog food in a day as the golden retriever.  Sigh.Well the humans in this household have some self-control issues with regards to food.  Guess it only makes sense that our pets do too.

Mystery solved and Mr Dobby is going on a restricted diet (ie I put something heavy on top of the container so he can't lift the lid).  Glad I didn't call the vet to discuss the possibility of cat cancer before catching him.

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