Friday, August 17, 2012

Floral Friday

Hello Friday,

Thank you for arriving.  Oddly enough this week I could have used a little extra time.  You see I'm not ready for the end of Summer which is approaching rapidly.  I work at the local university and I'm the point person on Orientation.  That's given me some rather cranky moments this week.  So has the humidity which has contributed to lack of sleep and even more crankiness.

However, there were some lovely moments this week as well.  Like the lovely flowers we (Ok, you know i mean I) got from both sets of parents (by that I obviously mean Mum and Mother-in-Law). 

Like having a picnic by my favourite Saint John water fountain with Husband.

Like cuddly fluffballs (who didn't want to pose for Mama's photos).

Happy Friday everyone.  I hope you're looking at a good weekend.


Amelia Mansfield said...

Leigh-Ellen, I can totally sympathise with the need for a bit more time - I can feel the impending academic year approaching at break-neck speed!

Imee Tan said...

Hi!, these are gorgeous flowers. They're so fresh and has vibrant colors. You and your hubby look good together, you both smile beautifully.
Btw, just dropping by from "Just because Fridays" at Aunie Sauce.

Imee <3

Stephanie said...

Awww I bet the picnic with your hubby was nice! So nice that you were able to do that together. Pretty flowers too!

Naptime Review said...

You look so great!

Julie @ Naptime Review