Monday, July 30, 2012

Whale Watching

I took a couple of days off from work so that Husband and I could have a four day weekend together before he started his internship for his MBA program.  It also meant that we'd have two long weekends in a row.  Saturday we headed off to go whale watching in the Bay of Fundy.  We left with the parents bright and early to catch a ferry out to the island of Grand Manan to then catch the whale watching boat.

Blacks Harbour, NB

Grand Manan Ferry

Parents on the ferry

Our Whale Watching Boat
We saw porpoises, dolphins, seals, fin back whales and a couple of really cool sunfish.  The photos from such trips never convey the experience of actually being there.  The highlight was definitely the 20-30 minutes of dolphins play in the wake of the boat.  It was a gorgeous sunny day.  People always bring layers when heading out into the Bay of Fundy.  Most of us overheated a tiny bit!


Finback Whale

Finback Whale



Dolphin playing under the boat

Me getting that photo of the dolphin



Bec said...

Wow! I'd love to do that. Reckon Leo would love it too. Need to plan a visit!

Naptime Review said...

What a great experience! Loved looking at all your picutures!

Julie @ Naptime Review

Oh Mom's Monday Mingle is happening. In case you haven't linked up!

Stephanie @ bourbon and glitter said...

Great photos! I'm so jealous of everything you saw, you really got some amazing shots

Kathryn said...

How fun is that? I have always wanted to go whale watching! Found you on the mingle, now following via google friend. Would love a follow back

Christi Lynn said...

wow! How fun! i love doing stuff like this. i haven't gone whale watching for a very long time though. can't wait to go again!

Creative Raisins said...

Stopping over from Two In Diapers Mom's Monday Mingle ~ Your Newest Follower
I am a fellow Canadian from Alberta but have a ton of family in New Brunswick, we love it there such a pretty place


Kristina said...

Participating in Mom's Monday Mingle for the first time! I'm your newest follower. :)
We have whale watching passes, so I'm getting excited to use them.


crystal wayward said...

I've always found whale watching to be a spiritual experience. Lucky you for getting to see so many ocean wonders on your outing.