Monday, March 26, 2012

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu

I relate most things to musicals.  It's just what I do.  Most days I wish my life were a musical. It would be more fun. It would also mean I could magically dance without having to... well, work at it. Before I get on to the point of this post I'm also going to admit that I lived in Austria for a year and I had to go look up the spelling of Auf Wiedersehen and I'm still not sure it's right. Yeah, I learned so little German it's embarrassing.

So, Bestie (who has been on the blog fairly often for those of you who aren't new) got a new job which is very exciting and is moving to Ottawa (the capital city of Canada for those of you who wouldn't get that Jeopardy question right) which is rather far away (takes about 12 hours to drive there... Canadians measure all distance in how long it takes to get there. I have no idea what distance I live from work, just how long it takes me to get there in summer when school is out versus during the school year when traffic is worse).

*Grammar and punctuation are both going to weep a little over my writing style today- I can tell.

Friday evening Husband and I drove up (Bestie currently lives about an hour and twenty minutes away... no idea how far that is in miles or km) for the good bye party which was at a fabulous spot in Fredericton called Caribbean Flavas (Having cravings writing this).

One of our table mates said it looked like we were posing with our joint Home Ec project. 
Bestie and I figured we'd better get some photos since it might be awhile before she can be featured in an outfit post again (though now that I think about it she should totally send me outfit photos from Ottawa at least once a month for the blog... demanding that now!).

Here's the fabulous guest of honour's outfit from her good-bye party. 

Fabulous Michael Kors

MK's cute from all angles
The tone of this post has been pretty silly and scattered as a way of deflecting the emotion of Bestie moving halfway across the (really rather large) country.  Husband and I will miss your visits very much but we're both so happy for you! I've always been the one moving far away and going on adventures in new places so slightly jealous but mostly just super pleased for you and proud of you.  Knock em dead in Ottawa (Dear Canadian government, that is not any sort of threat to security either national, provincial or individual).

Love ya girl. Be fabulous (like you can help it... there is no charge for fabulousness- or attractiveness)

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Christina said...

What a lovely post! Good luck to your friend.