Saturday, March 17, 2012

Princess Puffball

Today is our grumpy little princess Trilly's one year anniversary of being at our house. We brought her home on St. Patrick's Day and I wore green for the occasion.

At the time Trilly was rather unimpressed by the smelly, bouncy "goggy". Sadie learned very quickly that Trilly was for looking at, not touching.  Though Trilly seemed to feel that Sadie spent entirely too much time staring at her and not enough time going far away from her.

These days Trilly hardly notices Sadie since Sadie is not trying to steal her toys or jump on her head or chase her around the house.  Some days I think Trilly regrets not smothering Spock the minute we let him out into general population! Little brothers can be incredibly annoying!

Princess Trill can be a bit of a cranky pants but it means we appreciate it all the more when she asks for head bumps or gives us the "you may pick me up and stroke me now" look. 

She's a funny little girl who drinks from the tap, likes to sleep in the plastic bags shoved at the back of a cupboard, will break into the compost container no matter what and occasionally forgets to be dignified and runs around like a crazy fool.

You're not leaving me behind with those crazies

For Trilly's back story see this post. 

At the vet for her spaying. Green blankie for St. Patrick's day.
Happy Anniversary Trilly!

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