Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Feliz Florals

There's something kind of decadent about flowers. Husband and I have a deal that he won't be bringing flowers home much while he's a student both due to financial and time constraints.  However, he and Mum both know how much I love celebrating my birthday and the fuss that comes with it... and that requires flowers.  This year I received two truly unique flower arrangements.

Mum had this flower birthday cake delivered to me at work. I had people stopping by to see if it was a real cake.  It was made by the Hampton Flower Shop.

Love the colour progression here
Some of you may remember that Sandra Miller Florals was on the blog before Christmas.  Using a vase that we already owned and my Amethyst Birthday Bear the lovely folks there put together this work of art.

I hear people say "well flowers are just going to die".  Well cake is just going to wind up in your digestive system but I still think it's a fairly good investment! I got fabulous flowers from Mum at Christmas time in a beautiful sleigh and we enjoyed them for weeks.  I'll let you know how these get on!

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Anonymous said...

the birthday cake is gorgeous ! how unique , trust your mom to find that !