Monday, February 13, 2012

29 Leaps

A friend brought this movement/idea/cause to my attention last week. It was started by a young woman in Ontario named Madi and the idea is simple.  2012 is a leap year meaning that February has 29 days.  Madi realised that, while an extra day might be a great thing for most of us, every day is a struggle for some.  Here's the video she made explaining her idea:

So far I've donated over 29 inches of hair, but I don't know that it really counts as I had planned on doing it before learning about 29 Leaps! However, I'm now brain storming other 29s to do once a week this month. Smile at 29 people? 29 cans of cat food for the shelter? 29 extra minutes of walks for Sadie (wait, every day is a good day for her). Though people seeing Sadie tends to make them happy. Put 29 cents into a parking meter for someone who's run out of time? Donate 29 items of clothing?

Thoughts? Ideas? Will try to report on one 29 that makes at least a little difference this week.  If you check out their facebook page you'll see one guy gave out 29 cupcakes. He's a good guy to know! You can follow them on twitter (@29Leaps) as well. I'd love to see the Atlantic Provinces showing just how much we care this, and every, month.

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