Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Crazy Pet Lady

While we're in the UK a couple of our awesome friends have moved into our house to pet sit.  This was a huge relief to me as kennels aren't cheap and Sadie is a slightly nervous dog. I figured it was one thing for her to have a change in her people but since she is still in her house with her cats and general routine she's probably barely noticed we're gone. Plus our tenant, Kevin, is still around some days and she loves him. 

So I became that crazy person who wrote out notes and schedules and helpful phone numbers and then labeled things and considered some sort of colour coding system.  I love lists and schedules and colour coding.  Plus my pets are rather spoiled by their routine.  My friends were kind enough to at least pretend they didn't think I was insane and that some of it might be helpful.

Here are some actual pieces from my information materials:

Trilly may go upstairs and head to the bathroom counter.  This means she would like the tap turned on a tiny bit (one closest to the door) so she can drink from it.    

Trilly will go on the counter the second humans are out of site so don’t leave things uncovered on the counter or just wrapped in plastic.  For some reason she’s taken to ripping through plastic bags to get to bread/cookies/whatever.  It’s not hurt her stomach, it’s just a pain.

Oh and Trilly chews on the tree.  Not sure why. Doesn’t seem to have hurt her any so far. 

Trilly likes the blind in the big front window to be up at least a foot and a half during the day so she can sit on the ledge and look out.  She likes looking out windows in general.  She shouts at crows.  It’s funny but she knows if you’re laughing at her! She doesn't like that.

If either of the cats is batting at or hanging from the cupboard doors between the fridge and the oven it’s because they want in to play/sleep in the plastic bags.  They like that.  Check for kitties in there before closing that cupboard door!

Who do you think the problem fur-child is in our family?? 

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