Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fresh Bread and Freezer Jam

 My grandmother passed away a week ago today. She celebrated her 80th birthday and 59th wedding anniversary this Fall. Her life revolved around family, friends, church and the Toronto Maple Leafs & Blue Jays (who's franchise would have had much greater success with her at the helm). When you think about it that's a pretty full life.

My grandmother didn't drive and most of her working life was dedicated to keeping her home in order, Grampy in clean clothes, Uncle Steve and Dad out of trouble, Aunt Judy from being tortured by the previous two and various beloved pets cared for. My life looks rather different from hers but if I can have a marriage half as stable as hers I'll be lucky.

And goodness knows I better learn how to make freezer jam.  Grammy's homemade bread and freezer jam was a little bit of heaven on earth. One time I stayed with Grammy and Grampy over night when I was a university student.  I have absolutely no memory at all of why I had to be in Moncton overnight.  What I do remember is that while I was there Grammy baked two loves of bread and pulled out two tubs of freezer jam.  I was instructed to stop off in Halifax to deliver one set to my brother before heading on to Wolfville with mine.  I strongly considered keeping both! Bread was delivered; friends were called. I don't think either loaf lasted longer than an hour at either institute of higher learning.  Freezer jam may have then been eaten with a spoon... maybe.


Julia Hurst said...

Sorry to hear for your loss Leigh-Ellen. My mouth is watering thinking about freezer jam. It is one of my favorites. Hope all is well !xx

Susan Mundle/Schulz said...

Oh hun, I am so sorry for your family's loss. I remember her when they used to come to St.Catharines to visit your parents.. cherished memories- thanks for sharing them.