Monday, October 10, 2011

NB Fashion Week- Fantasy Night

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving everyone! Will not be posting multiples today.  Promise.  I know that got a little crazy last week.  If you happen to be sitting around today dozy from all the turkey then maybe it's a good time to catch up on my ramblings. 

The Fantasy Competition was one of the absolute highlights of the New Brunswick Fashion Week event on Friday evening.The six teams did amazing work and the results really blew the crowd away. Donnie Colohan from Salon Circa oversaw the competition but, when speaking to a group of bloggers earlier in the week, stressed that what he was most proud of was the teamwork and enthusiasm of each group.  If you haven't met Donnie you really should. The man just emotes positivity and enthusiasm.  I happened to be sitting behind his mother on Friday evening and she was right to brag about her son! 

When I popped behind the scenes at 4pm on Friday this was what the group looked like. 

And just a few short hours later this is what they had produced.


Three of the teams were 'professionals' with more than two years of experience.  Three of the teams were juniors either still in school or with less than two years of experience.   The teams chose a theme for their looks which were presented still on the runway and then in a show featuring music related to the theme. Each team was competing for prize money as well as other rewards.  The crowd went nuts over the results.

Look produced by Saint John's Salon Circa

One of the student designs

Fusion Saint John Design

Look at those nails
One of the student designs

This was one of my favourite looks- Alice in Wonderland theme

I think this won the Junior category
Essential Esthetics' Design that won the Professional category

The eyes were painted on her eyelids

Congratulations to all of the teams and to Donnie for the success of the event. 

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colleennyborg said...

Fun! It looks as if they used wigs for a couple of the submissions. I wonder what the rules were when it came to real vs. fake?