Friday, October 7, 2011

Fashion Forward- What I Wore

So interesting piece of information, the light in Brunswick Square is not ideal for taking outfit photos unless you have a really good camera that allows you to really combat the yellow.  I do not have that!  However, you get the idea!

Lighting aside, I had a great time last night.  I don't think the organizers had necessarily predicted that people would be lined up at 5:30 and that the gift bags would all be gone before the start time of 6:00pm.  I arrived early to meet up with Bestie but then Bestie got held up at work and wound up arriving at 5:50. All the gift bags had gone by then!  I gave her mine... you know since she drove down from Fredericton to hang out with me and all!!

 The stores were busy which can only mean good things for those of us who depend on those stores to keep us supplied with pretty things.  Most of them had special discounts, demos, treats and giveaways. Wine was flowing, cheese and crackers were supplied and some had even teamed up with local eateries (Urban Deli and Grannans come to mind... go Uptown shoe stores!!) to provide yummy treats.  

So yes, about what I wore.  Well first of all, the most exciting thing was this:

Remember yesterday's post on Mean Girling?  I didn't mean to come across as sounding like I'm sad and have no friends.  I have great friends; I have friends will to lend me their Louis Vuitton handbags. Love it!

For those of you "from away", it was frickin cold in Saint John yesterday.  I think many a girl re-evaluated her outfit plans in light of the near-freezing temperatures (that is not an exaggeration like when my Mother-in-Law says it was freezing and it was actually 14 degrees... oh yeah, Canadians work in Celsius.  Love you Mother-in-Law!).  Jackets, knitwear, layering were all on display last night.

This is the only photo of the two of us from Fashion Forward that exists.
Bestie is getting her own blog post later on today and in the spirit of finding fun things and making them work I'm not even going to tell you where I bought everything.  Ok, and I'm wiped after a very long week with NB Fashion Week Gala still to come tonight so my brain has shut down!!

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See you tonight....... we WILL get our photo op!! ;-)