Friday, October 7, 2011

Fashion Forward- Bestie on the Blog

So last night was the Fashion Forward event in Uptown Saint John as I mentioned previously.  Many stores in the Uptown area stayed open from 6-9pm, when they're usually closed, and hosted an event for the ladies of Saint John.  It kicked off with punch, music and photos in the Brunswick Square Atrium but everyone then spread out looking for deals on pretty things up King Street, throughout Brunswick Square and down to Market Square.  If you're thinking "How did I not hear about this? How did I miss this?"  fear not, most of the retailers were so pleased with the turnout last night that there is discussion of making it a twice annual thing- one event in Spring and one in Fall.

Anyway, what's a girly fashion event without your Bestie right?

We had a delightful time browsing the shops, running into familiar faces but also stopping for sushi and gossip along the way.

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candice said...

You two were so cute! There's nothing like having a best friend around to truly make a night perfect. XO!