Friday, September 9, 2011

Work Wear- Welcome Week

Tis the time of year when everyone returns to school.  It's one of the busiest weeks for me at work.  Certainly it's the week I spend the most time planning.  During welcome week we pull out the matching polo shirts for certain activities.  Nothing like accessorizing a dark navy polo shirt!  As far as uniforms go it's really not bad and it is only two or three days a year.

It looks bright outside but it was raining.  Hence inside photos.

Important week to actually know the time.

Getting pretty worn from so much use.
Shirt- You really want one?
Skirt- Ricki's
Belt- Reitman's
Shoes- Fugitive from Manchester Shoe Salon
Watch- My university graduation watch

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Elizabeth said...

That is a really nice skirt - looks great on you.