Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tropical Storm

Last weekend was incredibly humid.  It started on Friday and just continued to be humid in anticipation of the coming rain and night of high winds (can't really say we so much got a storm).  Thursday evening we headed to the movies and, while I needed a jacket INSIDE the cinema, outside I was dressing for the tropics.  I'm loving this adorable top I got in PGal's Closet's St. Andrew's location the other weekend with Mum.  It won't transition into Fall very well so wearing it now before putting it away for next summer! 

Top: Pretty Woman from PGal's Closet
Jeans: RW&Co
Sandals: Steve Madden from Urban Shoe Myth
Bag: Guess
Earrings: Linkel Designs


David Ross said...

I think it's weird that you tell us where all your clothing and other accessories are from but you make us guess where you got your bag. :)

Couz in the West said...

Love this top! I really like that it has proper straps not spaghetti style so it covers bra straps! Lovely!:)