Saturday, August 13, 2011

Kitty Overload

Many of you are probably ready for me to quit posting about cats already.  I have to admit I'm not even the biggest cat person.  I'm really not.  Husband did once suggest that, without him, I'd have turned into a crazy cat lady but he's just a pain.  Trilly and I glare at him regularly to keep him in his place.  Really I just can't stand animals suffering because human beings are selfish and irresponsible and that's what's been happening in our area.  People don't get their cat fixed, let it roam, then when it becomes pregnant they dump it.  Anyway, it was awesome to see so many people who are incredibly selfless and highly responsible.

The Pet Corral in Quispamsis was the setting of a Cat and Kitten Adoption event.  Some of you may have super amazing memories and recall that the Pet Corral was where we met Trilly.  The folks from the Saint John SPCA Animal Rescue League did a wonderful job of setting up the spaces for the cats and volunteers kept the water dishes filled, litter boxes righted (kittens do like to tip those over) and kitties entertained with toys, strings and cuddles.

Portia and Holly's last photo together
Little Portia had been at the shelter since February.  That's a long time to wait for your furrever (Husband so hates cutesy words like that) home but Portia was the second cat picked for adoption out of the whole lot.  I was so pleased for her.  She will have another kitty friend but also a girl who will let her cuddle on the bed which she is going to love.

Holly had lots of people say hello to her and three times I thought she was going to go home but obviously she was waiting for the right people as well.  The couple who took her home have another cat who is only a year old so she'll have someone to play with once she gets used to him.  The gentleman was such a cat person.  She took right to him and made me look like a liar by going quite happily into a carrier when he went to put her in.

It was a fabulous day for the adult cats who were brought out which was wonderful to see since you don't like the thought of them living their adult years in a shelter.  Many, many foster parents showed up with their kittens who played like crazy until they crashed out for naps.

I think these ones are trying to spell something with their nap shapes.

Do you know Emma through her wonderful jewellery company Darling Dilemma or from her blog Full of Fabulous? If not, check them out!  Anyway, she and her son took home the most adorable little ginger.  Female ginger kitties are very rare (my sister-in-law has one too) so it was really meant to be.  Teenagers can be... well... unpleasant... but this guy impressed us all with how well he was taking care of that kitten, the great questions he asked about helping her settling in and how happily he smiled when a random woman shoved a camera in his face! 

Some of the kittens headed back home with their foster parents (a couple of facebook groups for adoptable kitties are here and here)  and the shelter has many more already spayed/neutered grown up cats looking for good homes so if you're thinking you wish you'd been there contact the shelter and they'll be happy to help you.

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