Monday, July 4, 2011

Everyone's a Critic

I have to say upfront that we have a pretty well behaved dog.  While she can be slightly excitable when she sees some of the people she loves (my dad and brother in particular) she's a good girl in the house.  I've had no destroyed shoes or furniture and I regularly leave a pile of laundry waiting to go in the washer without problem.  Actually what she usually does with it is curl up and sleep on it because it smells like us.  So imagine my surprise when she objected to my new Joe Fresh top.  It seems she thought the big flower by itself was enough and the little flower below was overkill. 

Note no other part of the shirt was damaged.

The offending flower post removal

Flower that was deemed fit to stay attached.

Thus far the cat doesn't seem to have many opinions regarding my clothing.  If she were going to remove anything it would be the dog!!

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