Monday, June 13, 2011

Work Wear

I haven't had a chance to do outfit photos much lately due to schedule, humidity and head/back ache (I feel old).  So I decided to share my first ever outfit post for WIWW over at The Pleated Poppy this week.  Look how tiny the photos were! Look how long my hair was!!


Since I spend a fairly large portion of my week at work (I'm not a workaholic or anything. Just most people spend the majority of their week working) and since I don't work from home, yoga pants are not an option.  There are times when I wish I had a fancy job that required me to wear really awesome clothes (particularly the shoes) and paid me well enough that I could afford them... but I don't.  I went through a major slump when my weight sky rocketed but right now I have some pieces that I really like which is awesome.

It does mean that I tend to wind up with certain work outfits that get repeated rather regularly. There are times when this is helpful since I'm not a morning person and being creative at 6:30am is likely to lead to me missing a vital piece of clothing.  My current favourite work outfit is from one of my favourite UK companies, Bravissimo.  Why do I love them?  Because they understand the plight of those of us who are not c-cups or even d-cups (TMI here?) but who would like to look like they have a waist! I do so miss having a retail store around the corner like I did in my Norwich days but their website is very useful and can be converted into Canadian (and American) Dollars and their delivery service is great.  I had a parcel go awry and their online support was fabulous.  From here on in I'll call in my order so they can arrange registered shipping but they covered my first time loss no problem.

Cardigan, tank top, skirt- Bravissimo Pepperberry Spring 2011

This year Bravissimo created a dedicated clothing line separate from their lingerie and gave it the adorable name, Pepperberry. As I say all the time, I like pretty, fairly classic clothes.  I tend to think Audrey Hepburn (despite the fact that she had 'nah tits as the Brits would say) rather than Audrina Patridge (My love of alliteration won out over my hatred of reality tv). So while it might not work for you more fashionable girls I love what they've come up with lately.
Bag- Accessorize Spring 2011
Shoes- Micheal Kors
I'm going to have to work on outfit photos along the way but thank you for being kind this time around. The cardigan has really lovely beading on the shoulder and sweet little pearl buttons.  Best of all, it does up over the chest without pulling!

Most of my accessories have sentimental value and that's why I love them.  I don't tend to impulse buy on necklaces or rings because if I don't have an attachment I don't wear them as much.  This necklace was a birthday gift from a few years back.  It came from a lovely shop in Norwich but I couldn't even tell you what it ws called now! (Christina, if you're reading this in Qatar and I notice from my stats that someone over there's been checking in... let me know in the comments if you remember!)

A quick shot of me at work taken by my in-laws when they visited a couple of weeks ago. I really am going to have to change up the accessories a bit aren't I? Oh well, the people at work aren't keeping track!


David Thomas said...

"Nae tits", but close enough that I still love you. Especially in skirts...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I actually enjoyed reading through this posting. Many thanks.

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cate @ wild ruffle said...

I love wearing things with sentimental value too! Of course, I tend to be an impulse buyer, so I have a closet full of things that mean nothing to me.:)

Daryl said...

That skirt is really, really cute. I love the stripes - can it be worn high waisted? That would be to die for!

<3 Daryl
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