Monday, June 4, 2012


Home is such an odd concept.  Going Home is often dependent on where you are.  When I lived in the UK I'd reference Summer or Christmas trips to Canada as "Going home" but then while I was in Canada I'd talk about the return to England as "Going home". I think if you're really lucky you wind up with any number of places on this planet that, when you arrive, have a sense of homecoming. 

This weekend had some homecoming components to it. In kindergarten there was a boy in my class.  His mother and my mother became best friends.  Growing up there were times when it felt like I had 7 little brothers... my two and the five belonging to my Aunt Lydia.  You have to be super bossy to handle that may brothers! One of those boys got married this weekend.  They all got very tall and grown up. The one from my kindergarten class has two kids himself now!

Sunday Mum and I spent the day in Toronto.  Growing up trips to Toronto were very exciting.  They were to see the Blue Jays (that's baseball) play or to go to the zoo or to see a show.  My family have a bit of a thing for theatre, particularly musicals.  So going to a show in Toronto is a little bit like coming home.  Of course, as an adult I'm always shocked by how much closer together everything seems! Plus dinner with a high school friend is welcome any time. Toronto definitely keeps changing though. They seem to be building condos on any piece of land someone isn't laying on protecting it.

Today we're properly visiting St. Catharines where I spent years 2-16.  Maybe a little visit to Niagara on the Lake which was one of my favourite spots growing up.  So pretty... plus a fudge shop! One great thing about historic villages, they don't change too much on you.

Hope your Monday starts off a good week!


Jillian Nicole said...

Hi, I grew up in a large family myself and had to get think skin to survive. I am the only one on my siblings to travel and live away, so when my mother called it was always to say... come home.
To me I could live anywhere in the world once I have my family with me. They ground me and makes my days complete.
Have a good day.

Alyssa said...

I kept nodding and saying, "Yeah! YEAH! She is SO right!" reading your first paragraph. I guess I kind of have two "homes." Funny how that happens.