Friday, April 27, 2012

Oh Thank Goodness

In celebration of TGIF today's post is dedicated to things that made me go "Oh thank goodnesss..." in the past few days.

We got a month's worth of rain in two days.  It was crazy.  It made giving Sadie enough exercise very difficult.  It was originally supposed to rain most of the week but Wednesday it cleared up.

My drive home from work on Monday
I came home Wednesday evening to find Husband putting the spare tire on my car. He was doing that because I had a flat tire... a flat tire because my rim had bent.  I have fancy alloy rims on my car (they came with the car, I really don't care).  I went in certain it was going to cost $400.  Turns out it's still covered under warranty.

Our neighbours got a new puppy.  His name is Maddox.  He is German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Husky.  He's going to be HUGE. He's adorable.  Sadie loves him.  It's about to be the weekend so it'll be ok to hang out and watch the doggies play for hours on end!

What? Need company when Sadie's next door with the puppy.

Husband took the lawn mower to be tuned up since the grass is growing pretty rapidly after the rain.  The lawn mower's not supposed to be ready til Monday.  No lawn mowing guilt during the weekend!! 

Did I mention it's almost the weekend? That's a pretty big one.  I'm so very tired and I'm not really sure why... there were a couple of slightly late evenings but we certainly haven't been out partying. 

Happy Finally Friday!

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